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Darn! Where is that Hoop? As careful as we can be, we (lose, drop, misplace, break) one of our Lisadora Slip On Hoops. When that happens, just pop in here and order that one missing hoop. We at Lisadora don't want you to miss out on wearing your favorite earrings. So click on hoop photo below and you can order the hoop type and size you need, process your shopping cart, and we'll pop it into the mail for you.

Note: Our hoops were redesigned last year for greater durability and more comfort...there may be a slight size difference between our current hoops and hoops of several years past. Be sure to call or write us before you order a replacement to be sure it's going to match.

Email: Lisadora@Lisadora.com Phone: 505-350-7205 Monday-Friday 8AM-6PM Pacific Time

Lisadora Slip On Earrings are SO much better than clip on earrings….try them…you’ll see!