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It's as Easy as 1-2-3: Choose your Metal, Choose your Size, Choose your Dangle!

Designer Ears Open Hoop Earrings are an incredible alternative to clip-on and pierced earrings. We are known for our fine craftsmanship and innovative designs. We offer a wide variety of non-pierced earrings: from small and delicate to large and outrageous. Prices for every pocketbook are available.

Designer Ears Open Hoop Earrings are the solution to accessorizing your ears without piercing them. Do you prefer not to pierce your ears? Do you need non-pierced earrings for whatever reason? Do you want to wear gorgeous, dramatic styles without hurting your ears? No longer will you lose your favorite clip-on earrings. No longer will you damage your ear lobes by stretching the pierced hole. No longer will you be in danger of having your lobes ripped by an enthusiastic child. No longer will you suffer irritation from metal allergies. Designer Ears Open Hoop Earrings are your earring solution!

Who or What is Designer Ears Open Hoop Earrings? We're a team of enthusiastic jewelry artists and crafters. We design and make earrings that set you apart from the ordinary. Every piece is made by hand with careful attention to detail, proportion, and design. We travel widely in search of unusual beads, gems, and vintage pieces, which we incorporate into our styles to bring you fashionable limited-edition earrings.

When you join the women who wear and enjoy Designer Ears Open Hoop Earrings, you can collect pieces to mix and match; creating your own style to wear in total comfort.

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